I Would Never Trust Carbonite to Back Up My Computer


David Friend, CEO of Carbonite

Carbonite is one of Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers that caved in to the left’s faux outrage over slutgate and dropped their advertising from his program. As it turns out, it looks like it may have been an easy decision for David Friend, the company’s CEO. Dan Riehl dug into Friend’s political donations and found that he’s not only a donor to Democrats, but also to the far-left group MoveOn that’s always wanted to silence conservatives like Rush Limbaugh.

An FEC search reveals several political donations from a David Friend at the same specific street address. This page lists two donations totalling $300 for that individual to MoveOn.org. The broader record for the same individual, (use search here) David Friend, at that address includes donations to the campaigns of Howard Dean, Democracy for America, Texans for Truth, Tony Knowles, John Kerry, Matthew Flynn and America Coming Together, as well as Gore/Lieberman. (Read More)

This explains why Carbonite didn’t pull advertising from Ed Schultz’s show after he called Laura Ingraham a “right wing slut.”

Now that this is out there, why would any conservative consider trusting Carbonite with backing up your computer? I know I won’t.

Atlas Shrugs has more on the donations Friend has given to Obama in the past.

H/T Doug Ross

Image Credit: The Boston Herald