I Only Need Twenty One Votes – Update – One Vote Needed – Updated and Bumped


Update: You can vote once every twenty four hours. So if you voted last night at 10:00 PM, you can vote again tonight after 10:00 PM. At this moment I’m ahead of the “Momafesto” by a vote, and behind “Monologues of Dissent,” a “very, very leftist” site by about 400 votes. Nobody wins anything in this contest, I just don’t want to see progressives win, especially since the left says there’s a conservative war on women. Also, please vote for all of the conservative bloggers on the list. I like them all and would love nothing more than the conservative ladies to squeeze the lefties out of the top spots. Thanks again to everyone has has voted.

Update: I just checked and now I only need 15 votes to make it to second place. Please vote! Thanks!

Update: Now I only need one vote to make it into third place! Zilla only needs four votes to make it from 9th to 8th place. Thanks!

I need only twenty one more votes to make it to third place in the “Top 25 Political Moms” contest at circle of moms. It only takes a second to vote, and you can vote once a day.

There are other conservative moms moving up the list, like Zilla, No One of Any Import, Little Bytes News, Melissa Clouthier, Political Junkie Mom, Michelle Malkin, Backyard Conservative, Political Clown Parade, and quite a few more. You can vote for all of us. Right now liberals are in the top three spots.

Click here to go vote, and thanks!