Highest Gas Tax in US is in New York


New York has the distinction of having the highest gasoline taxes in all of the United States. Yet people still wonder why people are leaving the state in droves, and we lost two congressional districts.

New York state has the highest taxes on gasoline and Alaska has the lowest, according to data compiled by the Tax Foundation, which it has displayed,state by state, on a map.

According to the Foundation, as of Jan. 1, 2012, New York had the highest state tax of 49 cents per gallon of gasoline, with Connecticut and California not too far behind at 48.6 cents in taxes per gallon in each state.

The taxes per gallon, as calculated by the American Petroleum Institute for the Tax Foundation, are based upon an average of premium, mid-range, and regular gasoline and may include excise taxes, environmental fees, storage tank taxes and general sales tax. (Read More)

It isn’t just gas taxes that are the highest in the nation. Property taxes in New York are sky high, and five counties in the state made the list of the fifteen counties with the highest property taxes. Look at the other taxes we pay here in New York. The combined state/county sales tax where I live is 8%. All of these taxes we pay, and the state government never has enough money. This is what happens when liberals are in charge.

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