Guest Post: Remembering Andrew Breitbart, Bring Truth to the Fight


The following is a guest post by Joseph Hall.


Remembering Andrew Breitbart, Bring Truth to the Fight!

Andrew Breitbart was a family man, and as such, he cherished the freedom that America affords all who inhabit our land. He wanted the very best for his family and fought for his family with the valor of William Wallace.

He was a fighter. When tyranny knocked on the door, Breitbart answered the call with fury.

He was a patriot; he hated the face of all who would attempt to deprive us of freedom.

Andrew Breitbart taught us one enduring lesson. He taught us to bring truth to the fight.

And with truth bring courage.

As freedom fighters, we must be ready to withstand the force of imperialistic totalitarianism. He not only loved freedom, he fought the fight with valor and courage.  He worked tirelessly to keep the dogs of Marx, Lenin, and Alinsky from snatching the fruits of freedom from our homes.

Breitbart took the battle to the information highway. He realized that the battle for the hearts and minds of the people takes place within the new media, so he developed his message to be delivered using facebook, twitter, and on iTunes.

When the main stream media was transformed into a propaganda machine, Breitbart envisioned a new world of truth with honor. When the Occupiers crawled out of the Cuban sewers and spouted hate, Breitbart was quick to respond to their hate. He showed America that the occupied movement could be confronted by his bold assertions as a patriot.

Breitbart showed us how to stand up to the malfeasance of the progressive movement. When evil appears, we can unite as a people to withstand the tsunami of hate. Alinsky taught that when a peaceful law abiding society is confronted with lies, violence, and civil disobedience, most people will back down.

Confusion is the currency of rebellion. Breitbart was keen to the subversion of the left and countered with a hard stand for freedom by telling us the truth. We know that the liberal media is just a commodity in the hands of the new Democratic machine.

So, what do we do to carry the fight forward? Together we can: Stand tall, be counted as a freedom fighter, and simplify the message. We must say no to tyranny.

ObamaCare stands as the most direct threat to American freedom. It will destroy governments, bypass congress, and implement population controls.

Rest in Peace Andrew. You have taught citizens to stand up to the lie.

We shall not sit down in despair, we will not grovel in shame, and we will not die in defeat.

Live free America.

Bring truth to the fight.

 Illegitimi non carborundum.

Submitted by: Joseph Hall, Daymar Institute, Health Care, Law, General Studies