Gallup Finds Unemployment is Going Back Up


Gee, it’s a good thing President Obama and the Democrats spent nearly a trillion dollars on stimulus to keep unemployment from reaching 8%. Oh wait, never mind. Unemployment hasn’t dropped to under 8% in years, and now Gallup finds that the unemployment rate is back up over 9%.

Gallup finds U.S. unemployment, as measured without seasonal adjustment, to be 9.1% in February, based on almost 30,000 interviews with a random sample of Americans. When Gallup applies the 0.5-percentage-point seasonal adjustment that the government applied to its unadjusted data for February last year, it produces an adjusted unemployment rate for February 2012 of 8.6% — a substantial increase from the 8.3% adjusted rate the government reported for January.

Read the whole thing, the article also points out that a good number of Americans who have given up looking for work. Thanks, Obama.