Failing to Comply with Obamacare Mandates Could Cost Religious Organizations $2K per Employee


President Obama’s unconstitutional mandate requiring religious organizations to violate their faith and pay for full coverage for contraceptives will be quite costly if the organizations don’t comply. According to Life Site News, it could cost up to $2000 per employee per year, or $100 each day.

Recently, Republicans in Congress asked the Congressional Research Service to examine the new mandate and the consequences for employers that do not want to follow it because it would violate their consciences and CRS issued a document finding noncompliant employers could face federal fines of $100 per day per employee.

“If a group health plan or health insurance issuer failed to provide contraceptive services pursuant to guidelines authorized by ACA, it seems possible … that a plan participant could be able to bring a claim for that benefit,” the memo states.

The report indicates the IRS is empowered to levy a tax penalty on noncompliant religious employers of $100 per day for each employee in their health plan.

“A group health plan that fails to comply with the pertinent requirements in the IRC may be subject to a tax of $100 for each day in the noncompliance period with respect to each individual to whom such failure relates. However, if failures are not corrected before a notice of examination for tax liability is sent to the employer, and these failures occur or continue during the period under examination, the penalty will not be less than $2,500. Where violations are considered to be more than de minimis, the amount will not be less than $15,000.”

Commerce Committee Republicans, according to Politico, are not happy with the findings.

“Implementing a federal mandate that violates the conscience of an individual or organization, regardless of their religious affiliation or organizational purpose, is in direct violation with the First Amendment,” the committee said in a release announcing the report. “Imposing a fine on these individuals pours salt in the wound.”

Read the whole thing, failing to comply with the mandate could cost large hospitals and charities millions every year.

In related news, Cardinal Timothy Dolan wrote a letter regarding a meeting between White House officials and US Catholic Bishops. They were basically told to go pound sand. The Bishops were even told who they should listen to when it comes to matter of their religion. Unbelievable.

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