Does the Emergency Preparedness Order Extend to the Presidential Election?


The following is a guest post by Joseph Hall.


Does the Emergency Preparedness Order Extend to the Presidential Election?

President Obama’s subtle release of the National Defense Resource Preparedness (NDRP) order last Friday has fueled one of the largest eruptions in the blogosphere this year. While there is little surface evidence that this is a really bad idea, there is enough alarm in the nation’s voters to fuel a large digital explosion in interest about this seemingly innocuous sounding executive order.

For example, the president’s recent multitude of attacks on religious institutes, college administrators, and private insurance companies, which commands them to bow to his wishes on the contraception mandates of ObamaCare have left the nation unnerved. Many wonder if the president is this angry and demanding over contraception and the law, what will he be tempted to do in more volatile situations? Each week the contraception issue seems to grow angrier in its tone. Many are left to decide, is this leadership or an administration of angry mandates with no ability to effectively appeal bad law.

In his American Thinker article, “The Executive Order Controversy,” Joe Herring enters into some interesting speculations. He challenges us to ask, what if…?

What if there were allegations of election fraud, and there was national confusion leading to an outbreak of violence? He challenges us to demand a change to the way power is distributed within the federal government. The latest executive order authorizes great powers to be allocated by the executive branch of government.

Herring concludes his thought provoking article:

“The timing of this executive order is jarring, even if the specific changes to the order are not.  The power it conveys is staggering and cannot be safely entrusted to a single branch of government, much less to a single man.  The Congress needs to reassert control over the exercise and implementation of the Defense Production Act before it can be utilized by a power-hungry cabal of leftists eager to fundamentally transform America.  There is a door no one has locked, and our home is not secure.  Close the door, lock it, and throw away that key.”

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At this point, could the NDRP be initiated to preserve the nation from violence and sectarian fighting? How much power can be safely conferred on one man?

Watch Fox News video: “The Real Obama: Absolute power

This issue is too important to slide by without a thorough examination by the American public.

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Submitted by: Joseph Hall