Dear Occupiers: Communism Sucks!


Occupiers might want to watch what they wish for. The movement made up of trust fund babies, unemployed college graduates, and other malcontents has no idea what the inevitable result of  successful anti-capitalist Occupy movement would look like. Not that there aren’t plenty of examples out there if they cared to know the truth.

Well, here’s an example, as relayed by Lincoln Brown in TownHall, after a trip to Cambodia.

In one benighted section of Phnom Penh, Children walk barefoot over broken bricks and rubble. Black water trenches filled with human sewage run under the rickety patched-together shacks raised above the flood level on stilts. These homes, which would be considered slightly larger than a backyard storage shed in America may house up to ten people in some cases. When the rainy season comes, the leaky roofs make sleep impossible. The only thing the residents can do is get up and stand in the rain coming through their roofs until the storm passes, and then try to go back to bed. It is poverty on a scale none of us have ever seen. A man relieves himself in a pit as we walk by and the smell of human waste and rotting garbage is overpowering. I feel the bile rise in my throat and ashamed of my reaction to another’s plight, I fight back the urge to retch. How would I feel if someone were to vomit at my front door? The residents of this alley are squatting on government land. They have no food and no clean water, and rely on the charity of others for enough food to make it though the month. Children in some cases become prostitutes, child soldiers, beggars or street peddlers.

Read the whole thing, the excerpt above can almost be considered good news after you read about what the people of Cambodia endured under the rule of the communist Khmer Rouge.

Communism brings the most misery to the most people. That’s what these idiot Occupiers are fighting for.

Also, be sure to see the documentary about the Khmer Rouge I posted last year.