Chart of the Day: Obama’s Jobs Deficit


President Obama sure is doing a bang-up job when it comes to the economy. He’s banging up American businesses and the workers they employ. Look at this awful chart, via Rep. Dave Huelskamp:

The Democrat-controlled Senate tables every bill brought to them by the House. How anyone can blame this mess – a mess that began after Democrats took control of both houses of Congress while Bush was president, and the official unemployment rate was in the 5% range – and get away with it is beyond comprehension.

Well, nobody ever accused liberals of being smart. They’re intellectual, which means they have the ability to spin anything – with the help of the media, of course – into their favor. Don’t buy what they’re selling, they never offer a refund. Quite the opposite is true, we always pick up their tabs.

Oh, and don’t believe the official unemployment numbers. Do the math, where did all of the workers go?

The Chamber of Commerce has a related chart showing that the economy needs to create 755,000 jobs per month to get us back to pre-recession levels. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen, especially considering that the economy continues to shed more than 300,000 jobs per week while only adding 220,000 thousand jobs per month.

With a record like this, I’m surprised more people haven’t gone Galt.

And it’s only gotten worse. I guess hope springs eternal. At least for those in the business of peddling hope and hype.  The rest of us just slog along while we pray for change.

Update: Please don’t take this post as an endorsement of the Chamber of Commerce. They are right on some issues, but I disagree when they lobby for stimulus spending.

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