Are Media Blood Merchants Willing to Sell Tickets to Zimmerman’s Execution?


The following is a guest post by Joseph Hall.


Are Media Blood Merchants Willing to Sell Tickets to Zimmerman’s Execution?
For the past two weeks, the blood merchants of the far left-wing media have managed to try and convict the “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman for racially profiling, tracking, and murdering Trayvon Martin in a small gated community in Sanford, Florida. This is the basic story propagated throughout the media.

However, the coverage appears to be twisted, and thereby deliberately misleading, race-baiting, and malicious. There is no hint of objectivity, Zimmerman has been declared guilty and his death is eagerly anticipated nationwide. The major networks have created a shark tank experience for Zimmerman, by twisting each new snippet as another smoking gun in the kangaroo court of liberal hate and blood-letting.

Zimmerman has been tried in the court of public opinion and found guilty of cold-blooded murder in the case of a teen boy who is depicted as innocently bringing skittles and tea home to his younger brother.  Martin is portrayed as a black male teen in a hoodie that was executed by the epitaph spewing zealot, George Zimmerman.


“That’s what’s wrong with the media in this country: no longer to facts matter; accusations are enough to condemn folks. The press wants a story and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process,” O’Reilly said. “No media observer knows exactly what happened the night Trayvon Martin was killed.”

Yet while no one in the media knows exactly what happened, at least one media observer thinks he knows – namely, Al Sharpton. Referring to the recently released police surveillance tape of George Zimmerman being escorted into the police station, Sharpton claimed Zimmerman looked anything but like a man who had been beaten “within an inch of his life.”

As rage turns to tribute, the Blood Merchants have no problem shifting from calls of Zimmerman’s execution to bottom feeding antics of selling Trayvon’s death for a “small” profit.

The online community is wasting no time producing merchandise at the Martin family’s expense.

For example, in the article, “TRAYVON ‘TRIBUTE’ VIDEO: ‘F*CK PROTESTING…START A RIOT,’ (, John Nolte) offers the following observations,

“The “tribute” video below is nothing more than a call for violence, a riot with “AK’s” against law enforcement and “crackers.”

The video is also a bastardization of Malcolm X (the audio is from Spike Lee’s biopic), who was never associated with any kind of rioting or violence during or after his association with the Nation of Islam”

As the violent rhetoric and mob mentality heats up, the President, who only fueled those flames, remains AWOL in his primary duty which is to call for calm and due process.

But we all know that what’s happening right now in Florida is all part of Obama’s “community organizing” for 2012 in a crucial swing state. Keep the people divided and the base ginned up, angry, boiling over, and ready to vote.”

Consequently, the unjustified cries for Zimmerman’s blood have echoed from Florida, to congress to San Francisco, California. This hyped yet unproven hate crime has caused members of the New Black Panther Party to declare that if the prejudiced Florida police department can’t try and convict Zimmerman, they would be forced to track and kill him. Their threats seem to resemble the recent events of the Arab Leagues’ spectacle in which a hate-filled crowd chased, terrorized, and executed Kaddafi in Libya.  See: “Trayvon Martin Case Updates: Death Threats, Altered Photos and the Media Narrative”

Watch Fox News video of O’Reilly Factor: “Media not backing off trying the Trayvon Martin case on TV”

In the following video, watch the man in the AFL-CIO hat deliver an Occupy flavored spin on the Trayvon Martin murder, and the crowd of self-appointed Blood stooges try to distract the MRC reporter from questioning the AFL-CIO supporter about the case.

Watch MRCTV video: “ Is it Really All About Trayvon?”

The left wing media’s race-baiting tactics have already prejudged Zimmerman, so if a jury fails to convict Zimmerman, the outcome could likely include the Blood Merchants pursuing Zimmerman to his death. While ticket sales to this exclusive event would be awkward, the price of advertising on the blood networks would be highly profitable.

If this happens, will the blood profit Soros’ riots in the streets prediction become a reality?

Was the shooting death of Mississippi State student John Sanderson last weekend a possible act of retribution?

See” John Sanderson MSU Student Shot Dead in Dorm: 3 Black Male Suspects – Black Panther Posse to Track Down Killers?” (Maggie’s Notebook)

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Submitted by: Joseph Hall