25 Secret Service Agents Accompany Malia Obama on Mexican Sping Break – Updated


According to The Telegraph, President Obama’s daughter Malia is in Mexico for spring break, accompanied by 25 Secret Service agents.

Barack Obama’s eldest daughter is spending her springbreak in the historic Mexican city of [redacted] in the company of 12 friends – and 25 Secret Service agents.

The US President’s 13-year-old daughter Malia is staying at a downtown hotel in the city famous for its colonial architecture and well-preserved native American traditions, an official said.

“We are here to block access to the hotel by other people and escort the vehicles that are carrying the visitors to tourism sites,” the police official told AFP under the condition of anonymity.

Malia Obama and her friend are guarded by the Secret Service agents as well as Mexican police, the official noted. (Read More)

There’s no estimate on how much the agents’ travel is costing US taxpayers, or how Malia got to Mexico, and what that cost us. We aren’t supposed to talk about the Obama daughters, only the president can do that when he wants to score political points. But this seems to be a bit over the top.

How many thirteen year old girls go away for spring break without their parents, anyway? I guess when you have a large security detail paid for by others you don’t need to accompany your children on vacation. Not that Michelle Obama is averse to vacation, she must be busy campaigning for her husband.

Update: I’ve redacted the name of the city where Malia is staying, as that probably shouldn’t have been published in the first place.

Update 2: The articles reporting on Malia’s trip are disappearing from the web. The Blaze has screen shots of some before they were taken down. It’s probably due to concerns of her safety, but a question still remains.

Buzzfeed is now reporting that it is a “long tradition” not to report on presidential kids’ vacation plans, citing this as the possible reason for the many unexplained retractions.

If this is the case, it still raises questions as to why Malia was allowed to vacation in a country that the State Department recommends no American travels to.

Tuesday 3/20/12 Update: Linked by The Camp of the Saints, thanks! There was an earthquake in Mexico today. Let’s hope Malia is fine, as well as everyone else in the effected areas. I still can’t get my head around allowing a 13 year old to go on spring break, in Mexico of all places, without her parents. To me it shows extremely poor judgment.

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