Who Apologized When Iran Burned Bibles?


Did anyone apologize when Iran burned Bibles? Did Christians slaughter Muslims over it? No, I didn’t think so.

It was reported that NATO forces accidentally burned Qurans, so President Obama did what comes naturally and apologized. No matter, two US troops were murdered anyway.

President Barack Obama has written a letter to his Afghan counterpart apologizing for the burning of copies of the Quran at a NATO military base in the country. Two U.S. soldiers were also shot dead Thursday at a protest about the desecration of the holy books.

A man wearing an Afghan government soldier’s uniform killed the American troops and wounded four others at the demonstration in Nangarhar province, officials told NBC News.

There have been violent protests daily since it emerged on Tuesday that Qurans used by detainees held at the Bagram military base had been burned. The incident has become a public relations disaster for foreign forces in Afghanistan.

May they rest in peace, and God bless and watch over their families.

The article quoted above goes on to note that Muslims believe every copy of the Quran is sacred. Seeing that they’re willing to murder in cold blood anyone who destroys a copy of the Quran, even inadvertently, you’d think they would be just as outraged over the burning of Bibles. But no, the fundamentalists not only don’t respect other religions, they don’t believe anyone has the right to adhere to any other religion. And here we are apologizing. Good grief.

Update: Linked by Intangible Soul – thanks! Also, see an apology from a concerned American.

Via Times 24/7