Wear a Green Dress or Go Naked in the Cold?


In an earlier post, reader “Zorro” made a great point about how the Democrats are shaping the debate when it comes to the contraception mandate ordered by the Obama administration.

When Obama says that all girls must wear green dresses the dumb Republicans will let the Dems accuse them of saying they want girls to be naked if they disagree, and that will be the topic, not the freedom of the girls to wear what they please. Can hear Chris Matthews now: Mean, female-hating Republicans want girls freezing naked in the snow.

It has nothing to do with allowing access to contraception. The debate is about who should pay for it, and whether or not people should pay for it even though it goes against their faith.

The problem the Republicans have is that the media goes along with all of the Democrat talking points. So the GOP candidates and representatives could all stay right on point, and the media will spin it in a way that makes them look bad. I really don’t know how they get past that, other than to encourage people to read conservative blogs.

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