Team O Doubles Down Against the Koch Brothers


Here they go again. The Obama campaign is doubling down on it’s nasty rhetoric against the Koch brothers, who are private citizens, by the way. They also create quite a few jobs, but who’s counting? Not Obama, that’s for sure.

Allahpundit has the scoop on how Team O is demanding that the Koch’s release the names of donors to Americans for Prosperity.

He’s not ordering them to do it but he’s not politely requesting either. This cheap bit of intimidation is now front and center on Hopenchange’s official campaign blog and part of a call for petition signatures on Obama’s Twitter account. It’s the second time in five days that they’ve demagogued the Kochs to try to “energize” liberals. They pulled this on the Chamber of Commerce too before the 2010 midterms but that didn’t help them in the election because, really, who cares about the Chamber of Commerce? The Kochs are a much more conductive lightning rod for leftist paranoia. Presumably Team O will mess with them for a few months to warm up and then start screeching about Roger Ailes to really start Democrats buzzing.

I wonder which rich liberal the next Republican president should publicly harass as a cynical campaign gimmick. Start thinking of candidates. And don’t say Soros. Too easy.

Go read the whole thing if you’re in the mood for a little late night demagoguery. Never mind that they aren’t legally required to disclose the names of their donors. As AP pointed out, it’s all about intimidating those donors so they stop donating.

AP also linked to David Freddoso who has a few suggestions for the Kochs.

If I had a line to the Kochs (and I do not), I’d suggest they respond this way: That they’ll release their donors names as soon as Obama voluntarily releases…

1) names, numbers and records for all small campaign donations under $200 — so that we can see how many of them are fake this time;

2) all paperwork related to Fast and Furious and Solyndra that might have been part of internal executive deliberations or otherwise merit some kind of withholding from FOIA under executive privilege.

3) while we’re at it, how about Obama’s college transcripts?

Yeah, what he said. As for the Republicans needing a boogeyman to use as a campaign gimmick, I’d say we already have one – President Obama.