Random Ramblings: CPAC Loose Ends, TSA Pat Down, Injury Update


Where to begin?I guess I’ll start with my flight home Sunday morning and jump around from there. I stayed up a little later than I should have the night before. (I was having fun talking to guys like Ladd Ehlinger and Jason from The Looking Spoon.) After I returned to my room I still had to pack and put in my wake up call. I probably woke up earlier than necessary, but thought it would be a good idea to give myself plenty of time to make it through security at Reagan National. It turns out, a pat down doesn’t take that long.

I followed all the rules before going through the naked body scanner. I even removed my wrist brace. But I was told the machine picked up two suspicious spots. So the unfriendly TSA agent said she had to touch me on my upper thigh and my left breast. It was only mildly embarrassing, but pretty annoying. I was thinking back to Senator Rand Paul wondering if they just randomly tell people they have suspicious spots, because there was nothing in my pockets or on my person other than my clothing.

Once I made it through security, put my shoes back on and repacked the laptop, I headed over to a stand to buy a Diet Coke. I must have put down my boarding pass to get out my money and pick up my soda. When I went to sit down I realized I didn’t have my boarding pass. Luckily, it was still there on the counter. The rest of the day was uneventful, other than the fact that I was exhausted and the house was a bit of a mess when I got home. (At least I know I’m needed around here.)


There’s a lot from CPAC that I haven’t had time to get to. As usual, I had a wonderful time. The first day I was hoping maybe I could get into the bloggers lounge, but had no such luck. I had my heavy laptop with me, which I ended up carrying around all day. I shouldn’t have worn heels, by the time Susan Robbins and  I got to BlogBash I was exhausted and my dogs were barking up a storm. I felt terrible leaving early after all the work the organizers put into it, but I really needed to get off my feet.

Thanks to John Hawkins, my disappointment over not being invited into the bloggers lounge was short lived. Meeting Senator Jim DeMint more than made up for it. It turned out okay, since I met more people than I would have otherwise. It’s nice to just talk to people. Conversations aren’t the same when you’re videotaping or taking notes. So it was all good. Be sure to check out John’s CPAC 2012 roundup – he has plenty of pictures of people you’ve probably heard of.

On the last night, Pete DaTechGuy (listen to his live radio coverage of CPAC) invited my friends and me to a party hosted by Granite Grok’s Mike Rogers. Stacy was there, and so were Joy McCann and Nice Deb – who really is nice! Stacy McCain and Joy posed for a quick photo.

William Landers from Ameriborn News seemed to be everywhere. I have a stack of business cards here, but it’s getting late, and my browser keeps freezing up, so I can’t get to everything. My take away from everyone I spoke to is that we cannot afford another four years of  Barack Obama. Whether one was a Romney, Gingrich, Paul or Santorum supporter, that’s one thing everyone seemed to agree on. When it comes to disagreements, conservatives are polite and respectful, there was no name-calling. Most agreed that any of the current GOP candidates would be better than Obama, but among the people I spoke to, there didn’t seem to be great enthusiasm for any particular candidate.


As far as the broken wrist goes – progress is slow going. Being away for five days probably didn’t help. But at least there’s been a little improvement, the physical therapist said it went from really bad to bad – kind of like the Obama economy. Today was even better than yesterday, the swelling in my fingers went down enough for my wedding rings to fit! My claddaugh ring filled in, but it just didn’t feel right not wearing the wedding rings Mr. LC gave me. (I hope I haven’t offended a feminist by publicly missing my wedding rings.)

For the next week or so I should just be normal-busy and have time to prevent going back to really bad. Unfortunately, if President Obama is reelected, or is able to enact any more of his agenda, preventing disaster won’t be so easy. Recovering from a fairly common injury is one thing; repairing a broken economy, restoring freedom, all the while getting people off the public dole, is quite another. We’ve got our work cut out for us.


Well, that’s enough about me, except to say that I now should be back to my regularly scheduled blogging.

Update: In case any of you dear readers were wondering – no – I was not among the scantily clad ladies at CPAC. I’m a happily married woman, and even when I was single I always tried to dress in a way that would not embarrass myself or my parents.

Here’s a passing thought that’s probably unrelated – when Red State ran the bloggers lounge I was granted access. If I were to dress up like a ho and post photos of myself prior to the next CPAC will I be allowed in? (Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen. Just a hypothetical.) (H/T ToM)

Update 2: Little Miss Attila also weighed in on the topic directly above. For the record, all of the men I met at CPAC behaved as gentlemen. I’ve seen worse behavior at the insurance conferences I’ve attended. Then again, I didn’t stay long at many of the parties, so I can’t say what happened after I left.