Public Service Announcement from Zilla to Bloggers


Regular readers probably remember the guy who offered to “help” me a day or two after I broke my wrist and was in quite a bit of pain. It turned out to be a huge embarrassment for me, and some of you were rightly offended by the guy. It turns out there was a great deal I didn’t know about “Pat in Michigan,” and had I known his history I never would have taken him up on his offer.

Apparently, he’s been around the blogosphere for about a decade, spewing hate and vitriol at every turn, and he’s still at it. So Zilla is warning bloggers that this guy is out there.

Here is audio of “Patrick” attempting to justify the disgusting things he said, it is rambling, incoherent, and filled with cursing, and then at one point, he starts speaking ebonics, go figure:

More recently, he trolled the comments section at Althouse and called Ann Althouse a “dumb twat” and said he was “proud” to have said it. He apparently cannot get along with anybody for very long, as evidenced by a screed he left at a multi-contributor blog called Alexandria in which he mistook a male target of his rage for a female who he said was “some bitch with a dirty tampon personal problem”. Gross.  In the comments section there, you can see more of the same from him.

“Patrick” is about 40 years old, and as best as I can figure, it has been NINE years now that he hasn’t worked while he has been blogging hatred from his mom’s basement, and that’s not a figure of speech, he really does live in his parent’s basement as he has for the past nine years while not working. Obviously he can type, so even with no other skills he probably could find some sort of work, except for the fact that he is mentally unstable. Commenters from 2007 said he’s been doing ugly things on teh interwebz for at least ten years so now we’re looking at 15 years of unhinged evil, under a whole butt load of blogs that have been opened and closed and a slew of usernames, all the same dude.

Read the whole thing, there’s much, much more.

I again extend my apologies for anyone he offended in the short time I was associated with him.