On My Way to CPAC


This year I won’t be taking a hot train to CPAC. By the time this is posted, barring any unforeseen delays, I’ll be wheels up over Syracuse on my way to the Conservative Political Action Conference. CPAC is the largest gathering of conservatives every year, and this year we may have some company. Let’s hope they don’t wreak too much havoc.

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I’ll do my best to take plenty of video and photos, so even if you can’t attend you won’t miss out on all of the fun. Seeing that we’re in the middle of a Republican presidential primary contest, it should be interesting. Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are all scheduled to speak. Ron Paul opted out this year.

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Speaking of fun, this will be the first year I’ll attend Blog Bash. I can’t wait! That’s tomorrow night. Tonight I’m planning on spending a quiet night in my room, so I should be blogging normally after I get settled in.

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I was told my goodie bag will contain a free copy of the new film InJustice. It looks good, but unfortunately, it’s not fiction. Here’s the trailer.

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InJustice Trailer from SingleMaltMedia on Vimeo.

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Be sure to check in over the next few days for the latest from CPAC. If you’re attending the conference, and it’s your first time, be sure to read Jimmie’s survival guide, and wear sensible shoes.

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