Obama Wants You to Pay $5 More for TSA Groping


When I was felt up by a blue-gloved TSA agent at Reagan International Airport on Sunday I didn’t realize I was getting a bargain. Next time I may have to pay extra to pose in the naked body scanner that detects non-existent threats, and then stand there while an agent treats me to “love pats.” Via White House Dossier, President Obama wants us to pay $5 more to be frisked.

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Ideas quietly floated and then discarded during congressional budget negotiations last summer re-emerged in the fiscal 2013 transportation and homeland security portions of the White House budget sent to Congress that outlines $4 trillion in deficit reduction.

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Under the proposal, ticket fees that help pay for passenger and bag security screening at more than 400 U.S. airports would double to a mandatory minimum of $5 per one-way trip.

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The fee would jump 50 cents per year beginning in 2014, raising the total to $7.50 in 2018. (Read More)

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