Obama Handing Alaskan Islands Over to Russia – Updated


This is a long story, but it’s important. Unfortunately, it all started with George H. W. Bush, as Maggie noted. But Obama’s making the giveaway of Alaskan islands to Russia a done deal, so the blame lies with him, if you ask me. Via New ZealTerresa Monroe-Hamilton summed it up for us.

Imagine you wake up tomorrow and this is not a Constitutional Republic anymore. It is now a dictatorship. Whoops! Already accomplished. Then imagine that you wake up tomorrow and the President and our elites have given away part of the US. Then imagine it was your state and your state and Senators weren’t even consulted on it. In fact the deal was conducted in secret. Well, the nightmare is alive and well and being finalized for Alaska. But, before you go cursing ONLY Obama (as I do every damn chance I get), you better have a really hard look at Progressives on both sides of the aisle. This monstrous act of treason started under Bush Senior in 1990 and was ratified by our Senate in 1991. The only thing holding it back was that Russia had not signed the treaty. Obama is now looking to finish the diabolical deal.

There’s much more at the link, be sure to read it all. We now have a president who not only refuses to look out for the interests of the United States of America, he actually goes out of his way to work against our interests. No wonder he finds it necessary to trot out his kids.

Update: Maggie spoke with Joe Miller about this issue, and has a long post clarifying the matter. (But things are still kind of murky.) Here’s the conclusion:

What we learn from this story is that a Secretary of State can engineer giving away sovereign land with no input from the U.S. Congress or the state holding ownership. The other side is, if the co-ordinates of the 1867 Treaty referring to the “western” and “eastern” boundaries clearly put all of the disputed islands on the Russian side, that’s a problem for the U.S. But then…apparently the style of map used can make a difference and the maps are no where to be found, and the style of map is not named. AND there are the explorers who claimed these islands for the U.S. AND Russia has not ratified. AND how about the unconfirmed ‘rumors’ that the Obama administration is working to get Russia’s signature on the 1990 Agreement? One last question: if the 1867 Treaty set out the boundaries, why did we need the 1990 Agreement?

Be sure to read the whole thing.