Natural Gas Industry Paid Sierra Club $26 Million to Attack Coal


According to CNS News, the natural gas industry paid the Sierra Club $26 million to attack the coal industry. The Sierra Club admitted it.

“In 2010, soon after I became the organization’s executive director, I learned that beginning in 2007 the Sierra Club had received more than $26 million from individuals or subsidiaries of Chesapeake Energy, one of the country’s largest natural gas companies,” Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune wrote on the Sierra Club website.

Brune said that the reason the Sierra Club took the money was that it felt that it shared a “common purpose” with Chesapeake Energy – ending the use of coal.

“The idea was that we shared at least one common purpose – to move our country away from dirty coal,” Brune wrote. (Read More)

Brune is no fan of the natural gas industry, and ended ties with them.

I’m all for natural gas production in the US, but without subsidies and not at the expense of the reliability of the power grid. This is the sort of thing that happens in a crony capitalist system. The gas industry knew the Sierra Club could get the greens all riled up to pressure the government to do their bidding. Just look what the Obama administration has done to coal plants.

Via Fox Nation

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