Michigan and Arizona Primary Night – Update – Arizona Primary Called for Romney, Romney Takes Michigan


10:19: This was a good night for Mitt Romney. Fox News just reported they’re calling Michigan for Romney with 71% of precincts in and Romney’s lead widened to 42% to 37%.

10:13 PM: The Michigan primary still hasn’t been called for Romney, but with 69% of the votes in he’s still leading 40% to 36%. Rick Santorum just took the stage and thanked his family.

10:07 PM: 65% of precincts are in and Romney continues to lead with 40% to Santorum’s 36%.

9:26 PM: Intrade has the odds of Romney winning Michigan at 95%. 33% of precincts have reported, and Romney now leads 41% to Santorum’s 38%. It’s still to close to call.

9:09 PM: Romney now leads in Michigan 41% to Santorum’s 39% with 20% of precincts reporting.

Update 4: Polls in Arizona closed a few minutes ago and Fox News just called the primary in that state for Mitt Romney. Santorum is holding his lead in Michigan – with 19% of the vote reported he’s ahead 41% to 39%. It could be a while before we have a clear winner there.

Update 3: Now with 8% in – Romney and Santorum are virtually tied. Santorum has about a 30 vote lead.

Update 2: Most counties closed at 8 PM, but some in the Upper Peninsula close at 9. With about 7% reporting Santorum is ahead of Romney by about 500 votes or so.

Update: Via the links below, there’s a discrepancy about what time polls close in Michigan. NYT says it’s 8:00 PM ET, Fox News says it’s 9:00 PM ET. A reader from Michigan emailed earlier and told me they close at 8:00. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Oh, and what’s with these open primaries where Democrats get to vote in Republican primaries?


Polls close in Michigan in about an hour, and Arizona will close at 9PM ET. Mitt Romney is expected to win Arizona quite handily. Michigan is another story. He and Rick Santorum have been neck-and-neck in the polls, so it could be a late night. I’ve moved the laptop to the comfy couch in the office and I’m all settled in, waiting for the results.

In the mean time, you can read about Stacy McCain’s trip to Hell, and here’s video of Kid Rock performing “Born Free” for a crowd of Romney supporters. According to the New York Daily News, Romney personally recruited the rocker.

As I write this Fox News is going over some exit polls. Religious voters are going for Santorum, while Romney voters are most concerned about the economy, and are (surprisingly?) more intense in their support for the candidate.

The New York Times and Fox News will have continuous updates as the results start coming in, and CNN has the delegate count. I’ll be updating this post as the night goes on, so be sure to come back.

Video via The Daily Caller.