In America’s Killing Fields: ObamaCare and Your Capacity to Work


The following is a guest post by Joseph Hall.


In America’s Killing Fields: ObamaCare and Your Capacity to Work

While the ObamaCare mandate for contraception rages, the informed citizen should know the range and reach of this key piece of legislation on the life and health care of every citizen. When implemented, it will support a communist style set of measures to keep the young and healthy at work while withholding treatment from the weak, infirm, and elderly. This is communism at its economic best; from each according to their ability, to each according to their need Marx (unless a person is incapable of working). See: “Communism by insurance mandate” Ann Coulter, Daily Caller.

Economist Fred Sauer, in his book, “A Simple Guide: How Liberalism, a Euphemism for Socialism, Destroys People and Nations “ offers his perspective on ObamaCare based on his research of both the contributors to this legislation, and the socialistic models of Europe and Canada, to reveal that ObamaCare is not about health care, it is about population control. Simply stated, the plan will help those who are deemed productive, but will save money by withholding care from those who cannot produce an economic benefit for the government.

With the contraception mandate, any woman may at any time during pregnancy, receive abortion on demand. This is the topic of the hour and is producing a much more heated debate than the president ever anticipated. Up to this point in the debate over ObamaCare, the president has successfully bullied all those who oppose him. This extends from the right-to-life Democrats that tried to hold out and not vote for ObamaCare, to church leaders who say that they were promised by Obama that he would not ask them to violate their conscious. At issue now is the reliability of the president’s word when ObamaCare is involved.

The other aspect of the contraception debate is the intended effect of population control through the prevention of pregnancy by free birth control. It’s not about health care, it is about population control. The president’s sudden offer at compromise with the religion sponsored hospitals has now caused some of the critics to become divided among themselves. See: “Obama Shift on Providing Contraception Splits Critics” Laurie Goodstein, NYT.

Is this a divide and conquer scheme?

According to Sauer, there are several end-of-life provisions that lay hidden within the law. They include steps within the law to shorten life through deliberate ploys aimed at producing an early death on the part of retirees. For example, starting at age sixty-five, ObamaCare recipients will receive counseling every five years about the concept of death with dignity. They will be advised to refuse treatment and accept an early death. This ploy should be anticipated since the baby-boomer generation is entering the Medicare zone. See: ” SHOCK – Brain surgeon confirms ObamaCare rations care, has death panels.”  Mark Levin, The Right Scoop

Additionally, the government is identifying expensive life-extending medications to be discontinued to maintain strict economic controls over medicines deemed unnecessary. One such drug that will be withheld is Aricept, used to delay the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease and for delaying the progression of the symptoms. Moreover, patients diagnosed with cancer over the age of sixty-five would not receive curative treatments due to the economic constraints of treating a non-producer. These will die in the ObamaCare killing fields.

Most countries that have wandered down the path of socialized medicine now fight with fury to restore the benefits of privatized medicine. In some countries, patients can wait two to three days in the ER to be seen. Meanwhile, others die an agonizing death due to the extended wait required to utilize services.

Let’s stop America from being socialized medicine’s next killing fields.

Listen to “Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine” on YouTube

If socialized medicine was bad for Reagan, it’s still bad. As Reagan says, let your voice be heard in congress. This law must be repealed.

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Submitted by: Joseph Hall, Daymar Institute, Health Care & General Education

Addendum from LC: You can read the transcript of Reagan’s Coffee Cup speech on socialized medicine here.