Hey, Remember When Obama Campaigned on Gas Prices?


Buzz Feed has several of Obama’s 2008 campaign ads in which he railed against oil company profits, blamed John McCain and George W. Bush for high gas prices, and promised to bring down the price of gas by investing in alternative energy. So, how has it all worked out for us? As I write this a local reporter is on TV at a gas station where the price of a gallon is $3.99.

Here’s one of the ads, showing Obama in front of a gas pump. It’s a shame the media didn’t find it necessary to report his real intention which was raising the price of gas, which is exactly what’s happened.

Related: Via Doug Ross, IBD documented five of the biggest lies Obama told in his last energy policy speech. Be sure to follow both links, there’s a lot of information at both.

Update: Heritage put out this video showing the truth about Obama and gas prices.

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