GE Switching Fleet of Company Cars to Chevy Volts


Warning - Flammable

GE is switching its fleet of company cars over to Chevy Volts. Employees who refuse to drive the fire-prone Volts will not be reimbursed for expenses, according to

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General Motors and General Electric are two companies that have been in the political crosshairs lately. GM stands accused of “crony capitalism,” while GE is under fire for paying no Federal income taxes in 2010. The two companies share more than that though, with GE placing an order for 12,000 Chevy Volts and other hybrid vehicles.

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A memo leaked to Green Car Reports lays out GE’s plans for their new fleet of Volts, and as expected, it has some people crying foul.

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The memo, sent to employees of GE Healthcare Americas team explains that all sedan, crossover, and minivan purchases in 2012 will be replaced by the Chevy Volt. Only field engineers are excepted from having to drive a company Volt.

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GE will offer estimates for installation Level 2 Charging Stations, though all-gas use will be allowed when there is no electric option. Any employees who opt out of the Volt program will not be compensated for their expenses. Those who do choose to drive the Volt will be reimbursed for public charging and home charging costs, in addition to gas uses. (Read More)

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By my calculations, with the current subsidy of $7,500 per Chevy Volt, this will cost taxpayers a whopping $90,000,000. Fantastic.

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Oh, and with the government out there pushing these cars, GE stands to profit handsomely when they build the charging stations.

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