FAP – Have You Seen This Sign?


A reader was outraged when he sent me this image. He said he and his wife are like most of us, they eat at home with food they bought at the grocery store and prepare at meal time. Eating out is a luxury for most of us, unless you’re one of those people who is so busy working you order out because you have no time to cook. What do you think about your hard earned tax dollars paying for others to eat out while you’re scrimping and saving?

The reader who sent this saw something like it at a KFC, and said these kids of signs are popping up all over where he lives. Have you seen any?

The last time the LC family went out for dinner, we paid for it with a gift card we received for Christmas. It’s so nice to know others are eating out on our dime while we work our fingers to the bone.

This week the House passed a bill banning welfare recipients from using benefits at liquor stores, strip clubs and casinos. Maybe they should have added restaurants and fast food joints. Why should the recipients of taxpayer funds enjoy luxuries the ones paying for it can’t afford?

Image credit: Sign Fails.