Dem Governors Tickled Over Idea of Obama Being a Dictator


Earlier today President Obama met with a group of Democrat governors and they were all tickled pink over his talk of ruling like a dictator and bypassing Congress. I wonder what they would think if it was a Republican president making such plans. According to The Hill, they weren’t just happy about his dictatorial tendencies, they also love his big-spending, budget-busting policies, and are hoping for more of the same.

Gov. Jack Markell, the Democratic governor of Delaware and the vice chairman of the National Governors Association, told The Hill that the meeting was “very good” and said many of the governors were responsive to ideas about bypassing Congress.

“There was a sense that none of us should wait, we can’t wait for things to happen in Congress,” Markell said of the meeting. “We’re going to do what we can do [now].” ….

The Democratic governors discussed the three major job goals from Obama’s State of the Union address: building manufacturing, training workers and increasing American-made energy.

“We had a great conversation very focused, not surprisingly, on jobs,” Markell said, calling jobs the “biggest issue for all of us in the room, no matter where we come from.” (Read More)