Sabotage Alert: Obama Energy Plan Threatens American Freedom


The following is a guest post by Joseph Hall.


Sabotage Alert: Obama Energy Plan Threatens American Freedom

While Obama is trying to shift the results of his failed progressive energy plan to the House Republicans, the average person on the street is suddenly tuning into the energy debate. Just two weeks ago, most Americans were unaware of the Obama plan that pushes the economy to the brink.

The Canadian XL pipeline project was not on the radar of public opinion. However,  the fog is lifting due to the rapidly increasing gas prices, Obama is attempting to take center stage by bashing the GOP for the current crisis. He fails to present a cohesive story of his disdain for the American public since his days in the US Senate.

While Obama is counting on a sympathetic audience, Representative John Boehner has developed a convincing visual display that accurately portrays the timeline of the president’s policies. US News carried the details in, “A Timeline of Obama’s Failed Energy Policy Courtesy of Speaker Boehner.” The graphic tells the visual tale,

“Gas prices have skyrocketed in recent weeks and Speaker of the House John Boehner’s providing a no-frills explanation to voters: it’s all Obama’s fault.

“Obama has said in recent days that conflicts in the Middle East are to blame. But Boehner’s not buying it. Between not passing the Keystone Pipeline and “scrapping leases for oil-shale development,” Boehner writes the President’s responsible for $5 gasoline.”

See: Facebook page, American Energy Initiative

The real problem is not energy supply. It is rather a strategy to push a hidden agenda, one that works against American economic stability. Therefore, the president does not represent the best interest of the public, but ingratiates himself to the big-ticket campaign supporters who seem to be poised to pounce on our failing economy. If the president’s conflicted policies seem to be a collage of empty promises, search no further for the rationale, he has aligned his tenure in the White House with contributors who are betting on our economic collapse. (See: “How the Rockefeller Fund Killed Keystone,” The article reveals:

“Earlier this month the Canadian news channel Sun News uncovered a PowerPoint presentation by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund that lays bare its strategy of funding a host of environmental groups to thwart the Keystone XL pipeline as well as other development projects that the fund considered a “globally significant threat.” According to investigative reporter Lachlan Markay, the 2008 presentation “describes the allocation of $7 million to environmental non-profits for tactics that include the use of the legislative and legal systems to delay or derail energy production in the United States and Canada, and to ‘raise the costs’ of energy in both nations.” The Daily Caller reports that the 2008 strategy session also featured presentations from Rockefeller Brothers Fund program officer Michael Northrop as well as the representatives of several environmental groups, among them Corporate Ethics International, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Pembina Institute, a Canadian activist group. Together, these groups would emerge at the forefront of an alarmist scare-campaign that ultimately led to Keystone’s cancellation.”

Obviously Obama is out of control on his energy plan. He is trapped in the middle of a really bad plan. This should be the focus of the Republican election campaign,,, out with the bad in with the good.

Watch:  Bill O’Reilly Discuss Republican Candidates and Failed Oil Policy,

“The Republican Party in good shape or bad shape?”

Send the president a message, vote him and his diabolical energy plan out.

Submitted by: Joseph Hall, Daymar Institute, Health Care, Law, General Education

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