Republican Debate at the University of South Florida


Tonight’s Republican presidential primary debate between Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich takes place at the University of South Florida, my alma mater. It should be interesting, at least if Romney takes the gloves off. We know Santorum isn’t afraid to land a few punches.

If you need to watch online you can do so at National Journal or MSNBC.

Update: I’ll add links, etc as the debate goes on. In the mean time, The Other McCain cautions not to put too much stock in the early Florida polls.

Update 2: Vodkapundit is drunkblogging the debate. That’s always fun.

Update 3: I’ve been typing with two hands and doing a little more around the house (progress!) so my wrist is starting to ache and I think I’m going to give it a little break here for a bit. So far, no real fireworks. Santorum and Paul are like afterthoughts. It’s the Newt and Mitt show.

Update 4: I couldn’t resist letting you know that Newt is now praising government sponsored enterprises. Groan!

Update 5: I’ve been studying what I can see of my bad hand while listening intently to the debate and I’ve come to the conclusion that this cast is destroying my hand. At least temporarily. Oh, and why are they bringing up the Terry Schiavo case? How long ago was that?

Update 6: The post debate analysis by NBC is interesting. Andrea Mitchell keeps talking about how presidential Newt Gingrich looks.