Obama’s Suddenly a Big Fan of Hydrofracking


Wow! There’s nothing like an election year to bring out the energy pioneer in the most anti-energy president of our lifetime. Not only did the White House hype the natural gas boom in the United States, they’re actually trying to take credit for it. It’s laughable, I know, but this is an election year. After killing thousands of jobs and sending friendly oil overseas with the Keystone project, O’s got to take credit for something, right?

Please pass the smelling salts to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Lisa Jackson at the Environmental Protection Agency.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time the White House has favorably mentioned the Marcellus Shale, the natural gas reservoir below Pennsylvania, West Virginia and other Northeastern states. And now he’s taking credit for this soaring production.

We checked to see if someone slipped a press release from the Natural Gas Council into the White House report by mistake, but apparently not.

The report does add the obligatory disclaimer about hydraulic fracturing that “appropriate care must to be taken to ensure that America’s natural resources are extracted in a safe and environmentally responsible manner” with safeguards “to protect public health and safety.” But no one disagrees with that.

The catch is that this endorsement runs against every energy policy pursued by the Obama Administration for three years. The Institute for Energy Research reports that royalties from oil and gas drilling have fallen more than 90% since 2008 because of Interior Department permitting delays and rejections.

The EPA recently issued a flawed report on groundwater contamination that could shut down the fracking process the President is now touting as a jobs producer. EPA’s political goal is to grab power to supercede state drilling regulation. The industry regards new EPA authority as a real threat to its future.

After you’ve used the smelling salts, be sure to read the whole thing.

Now, if only the White House could convince the anti-frackers to allow natural gas development here in New York.