Obama Sure is Happy About 8.5% Unemployment


President Obama sure  is happy with an unemployment rate of 8.5%, so is the media.

President Obama has claimed success. He has hailed the latest jobs report as “real progress” for the economy.

We have waited years for this “real progress” to happen. Real progress is an unemployment rate of 8.5 percent. Real progress is the more than 13 million still out of work. Real progress is the 18.2 percent underemployed (total unemployed and discouraged workers). Heck, real progress is the 1.4 million homes lost to foreclosure (and counting).

Read the whole thing for examples of how the media is helping Obama claim success. I’m sure they will fail to mention that there are now far fewer Americans in the labor force than when Obama took office, and if not for so many simply giving up the unemployment rate would be much higher. In short, the economy still sucks.

Via Fox Nation