No Wonder Conservative Voters are Feeling a Bit Under Pressure


Are you a conservative voter? Feeling a bit in a jam? It’s gotta be worse for the early state voters. Talk about pressure.

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We’ve got the successful guy who’s been known to flip flop – Mitt Romney.

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Then there’s the conservative nobody outside of Pennsylvania’s heard of – Rick Santorum.

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Oh, and we can’t forget about the freaking crazy guy with delusions of grandeur – Newt Gingrich.

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To round things out, we have the other freaking crazy guy who thinks it’s okay for Iran to nuke us to have nuclear weapons – Ron Paul.

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No wonder people are so undecided.

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(Anyone notice that it’s the two freaking crazy guys who have the most applause lines in the debates?)

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The scariest thought is that any one of them would be better than the current inhabitant of the White House. This really could be our last chance.