NLRB Chief Wants to Impose Rule Requiring Employers to Hand Employee Contact Information to Unions


President Obama’s new unconstitutional appointees are wasting no time in helping out his union buddies. According to ABC News, Chairman Mark Pearce wants to impose another rule on employers. He wants to require them to hand over the phone numbers and email addresses to unions.

“We keep our eye on the prize,” Pearce said in an interview with The Associated Press. “Our goal is to create a set of rules that eliminate a lot of waste of time, energy and money for the taxpayers.”

One change Pearce wants is to require businesses to hand over lists of employee phone numbers and emails to union leaders before an election.

He also wants the board to consider other rule changes it didn’t have time to approve before it was on the verge of losing a quorum last year. That includes the use of electronic filings and quicker timetables for certain procedures.

“My personal hope is that we take on all of these things and consider each one of these rules,” Pearce said. “We presume the constitutionality of the president’s appointments, and we go forward based on that understanding.”

Oh, they sure do keep their eyes on the prize.

How would you like unions goons harassing you with phone calls and emails? This is unbelievable.