Mitt Romney Wins New Hampshire Primary - Updated

January 10, 2012
By 2 comments

See updates below.

Well, there was no waiting tonight for the New Hampshire primary to be called. Fox News called it right around 8:00 PM, as soon as all of the polls closed. As expected, Mitt Romney is the winner in New Hampshire. Ron Paul is the clear second place finisher. The Washington Examiner has the results. It looks like Huntsman is 3rd and Gingrich and Santorum seem to be battling out the 4th place slot.

Da TechGuy is blogging live from the Santorum HQ. Hopefully he’ll have a late surge and come out ahead of Gingrich.

Here’s the WaPo story that just came out.

Mitt Romney was projected as the winner of New Hampshire’s Republican presidential primary on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press, giving the former Massachusetts governor a sweep of the first two critical tests in the GOP nominating contest.

Romney’s presumptive victory, based on votes and exit polls, was expected for a candidate who has campaigned aggressively in this state that borders his home turf. After eking out a narrow win in last week’s Iowa caucuses, Romney hoped a bigger victory here could ramp up his momentum heading into the South Carolina primary on Jan. 21, where his conservative credentials could face their stiffest test. (Read More)

Update: Romney has already delivered his victory speech. National Journal posted the full text. Ron Paul is due to speak any moment now.

Update 2: It’s about 9:30 and Gingrich only leads Santorum for the 4th place spot by about 100 votes. Oh, and don’t forget that there is also a Democrat primary tonight, and that loon that wears a boot on his head, Vermin Supreme, is actually taking some votes from Obama. Heh.

Good grief, Jon Huntsman just came out and declared “Third place is a ticket to ride!” The guy is delusional. Oh well, at least he hasn’t started speaking Mandarin.

Update 3: It’s now about 9:50 PM and Gingrich has slipped into 5th place with 55% of the vote counted. It’s too soon to tell who will come in 4th, but right now Santorum leads Newt by about 30 votes.

Update 4: Don Surber notes that Jon Huntsman has enough of Daddy’s money to stay in this thing until Super Tuesday.Ugh.

It’s 10:00 and Santorum is speaking now. Check with The Other McCain (who is also at the Santorum HQ) for highlights - he sounds upbeat and is keeping it classy. We’ve yet to hear from angry Newt. Maybe I’ll just go to bed and read, listening to Newt gives me indigestion.

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2 Responses to Mitt Romney Wins New Hampshire Primary - Updated

  1. Krish on January 10, 2012 at 10:25 pm


    If Romney is the nominee, it is end of conservatism…if people thought GW Bush was a RINO (especailly fiscally he was a liberal!), watch out for ROmney. Axelrod was right about one thing…Romney has no core beliefs! He will say different things in different states to get elected - his fist instict is always moderate or even liberal positions on every issue.
    THe liberal media is quite because they want this moderate win the primary …once the primary is over, watch out to get all the truths about Romeny!

    One question, I have for the talking heads - when did capitalism mean people making a quick buck by killing a company & taking the jobs overseas? Romney needs to answer these questions - if there is a legitimate reason, let him say why he did what he did & how much he made from those type of deals? If his record is so great, release the numbers of companies saved or shut down? IT will come out when once the primary is over!

    The sad truth about Romney is he is liberal or moderate in most issues (cap & trade, TARP, social issues,) but really corporate raider when there is money to be made for himself!!

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  2. [...] 11, 2012 By Lonely Conservative No comments yetI’m sure you’ve heard by now that Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary. The race was called early. His margin of victory was a little bigger than it was last night when I [...]

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