Marx, Stalin, and Friends: The Obama SOTU Plan


The following is a guest post by Joseph Hall.


Marx, Stalin, and Friends: The Obama SOTU Plan

Obama’s SOTU address was a veiled threat to the American free market system. As a professed Marxist, Obama has been indoctrinated to believe that government must take steps to ensure fairness. This is Marxist speak for redistribution of wealth formula: “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.” This represents the socialism model of fairness.

While this concept is not new to the Obama administration, he announced that the SOTU address 2012 would fundamentally change the US economy when implemented. In Obama’s first three years in office, he has promoted the redistribution of wealth mantra with little acceptance from the general population! He wants radical and permanent change!

With Lenin, the Russian people’s resistance to change was a daunting problem. However, Lenin learned to overcome by force! Lenin proposed, “Religion is opium for people.” By this he meant to convey that religion is the antithesis of revolution! It takes a revolution to change to a radical economic system like Marxism in a country like the US. The concept of God must be forbidden by the government (Lenin).

Lenin also explained that religious people will not rise up and overthrow the government because religious people generally support their government and even when they disagree with government policies, they act as though they are using opium. They are content with the status quo. Therefore, Lenin understood that revolution demands a complete separation of church and state.

Consequently, Lenin taught that it would take a trained radical force to eliminate the enemies within government to usher in a new system. In this election year, Obama is signaling that he not only believes in class warfare, but he is willing to allow people friendly to his proposals to apply radical methods to achieve his goals. Radicals are willing to destroy anyone or any system who dares to oppose his demands.

George Soros was recently quoted as saying that he foresees violence in the streets of America. Is this the coming revolution of Marx and Lenin? Obama is certainly using the language and tactics of Marx and Lenin. He spoke in the SOTU about taxing the rich and leveling the playing field for the poor. He plants seeds of revolution when he uses worthless terms as fairness, implying there is a huge amount of unfairness that his new world order would rectify, if only the people would rise up and overthrow the unfair government.

If we want to understand the fairness of the new left, we just need to review the corruption of the Obama administration of the past 3 years. He is waging economic war. The middle class is being shoved downward into the prison of poverty. Is there a reason for Obama to pursue such tactics? Does he long for revolution? His actions to date imply he seeks radicalizing the American people. Will this lead to acceptable change? What would the people say?

Enter another shadowy figure who preaches radicalism as a form of social change, Saul Alinsky, who seems to line up with the theories of Marx, Lenin, Soros, and apparently President Obama to add to the leftist chorus of Class Warfare.

According to Marx, people will only demand to follow the tenets of socialism once they are suffocating in poverty at the delight of the very rich (Class warfare).Lenin would add that poverty is one method of inciting a revolution.  And, according to Soros, soon there will be revolution in the streets. Perhaps soon the malevolent Obama will be presiding over a new world order. Chairman Mao sure would be proud!

Or will he? It’s up to us to inform our friends to seek understanding in this matter and create a huge wave of voters committed to reviving our free market system of government.

Fox News Video: “The connection between Obama and Saul Alinsky”

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