Is George Soros the Grand Wizard of Coming US Revolution?


The following is a guest post by Joseph Hall.


Is George Soros the Grand Wizard of Coming US Revolution?

Billionaire George Soros, international investor, and storied leader of insurrection throughout the world, has recently revealed his concern over street violence in the US. While this could be written off as the babblings of an old man, his affinity for revolution is impressive! There is conjecture that Soros has helped finance the Occupy movement as well as attracting union influence in the US for possible personal gain. Does this confer upon Soros the status of Grand Wizard of US Revolution?

See: “Soros’s ‘Glee’ Over OWS Violence.”

Soros is known around the world as a top notch political bandit and revolutionary mogul who destroys economies for personal profit. Throughout Europe and Asia, he is regarded as an ego maniac who sees only himself smiling in the rear view mirror following his self-generated revolutions. The people of the UK remember Soros as an economic predator, “Soros cashes in again on the collapse of the pound,” and some speculate that Soros has his eye on the US economy.  Soros certainly has the resume to back up this plan.

Last week, as Soros readied himself to attend a major economic summit in Davos, Switzerland, he granted Newsweek Magazine an interview, “George Soros on the Coming U.S. Class War” in which he professed true concern over the looming meltdown of the European Union and the devastating effects it would portend for the world economic condition.  He then detours into another concern for the US by rendering a fortunetelling romance of increasing unrest spilling into the streets as violence with a vengeance.  Is this conjecture by Soros or does he have insider information?

Similar events have been fomented by Soros loyalists in the Georgian Republic, Indonesia, and Serbia. While Soros defines himself as a promoter of democracy, he is accused of selecting the leaders of his new republics, and seems to profit greatly in his ability to control the flow of economies into his banking systems. But, Soros may have morphed into a worldwide oil baron, manipulating political decisions and restricting oil delivery methods to reap huge personal benefits.

Columnist Lisa Graas, of the Gulag Bound website has compiled a list, “Top 5 Revolutions Backed by George Soros.” She documents Soros’ association with several world governments and his internal interference for various personal reasons. In this article, Graas lists the successful Obama White House bid as number three of five.

While Soros may be viewed as a meddler in US political affairs, potentially using such groups as the Occupied movement and US labor unions, there is increasing concern that these groups may be able to provoke more street violence in 2012. Additionally, the unions have threatened to Occupy the Super Bowl to demand that all workers be required to join unions. The consequences of a Soros influenced revolt against the middle class could have dramatic impact on US jobs and a possible cash benefit for the grand wizard of economic speculation.

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Soros at best can be viewed as an economic opportunist. However, if past performance is any predictor of future behavior; we may be on the front row of a new Soros induced revolution of world changing importance. If this happens, Soros would be confirmed as Grand Wizard of Revolution, USA Edition.

Contact information: Joseph Hall, Daymar Institute, Health Care & General Education