Iran Mocks US, Obama with Miniature Drones


I’m sure losing a drone to the Iranians, and having them mock us is all part of Obama’s plan for Smart Power. The Iranians not only have access to our drone technology, they’re having a good old time with it. They’ve created miniature drones and have a little pink one set aside for President Obama.

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An Iranian firm, seeking to capitalize on the frenzy that followed the crash of the drone — and American calls to have it returned — is now producing miniaturized toy versions of the craft. Most of the toys, which come in several colors and are made of Iranian plastic, have already been snapped up by Iranian government organizations, according to the group that manufactures them.

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At least one model — a pink one — has been reserved for President Obama.

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“He said he wanted it back, and we will send him one,” said Reza Kioumarsi, the head of cultural production at the Ayeh Art group. (Read More)

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Scared Monkeys notes:

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Great, its nice to be considered a laughing stock in the world isn’t it. Makes one long for the days of a “cowboy” in office.

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So much for the world respecting us.

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