Increase for DC Crime Spike Blamed on Occupy Crowd


Democrat mayors all over the country coddled the OWS crowd until it got to the point where the encampments turned into squalid pits of violence and illness. Since the start of the movement Washington, DC has seen a double-digit spike in crime, and the police union places the blame on Occupy, DC.

Violent crime is up 13% in the nation’s capital since October, with overall crime rates rising 10%.  The head of the police union is pinning blame on the Occupy D.C. movement, which he believes has drained resources away from the rest of the city to keep an eye on protests held in parks near the White House.

This came to light after the mayor of D.C., Vincent Gray, gave a television interview in which he said he wasn’t sure if the Occupy movement was making things worse on the streets of the District.  Fraternal Order of Police Chairman Kristopher Baumann dashed off a letter to set Gray straight, as excerpted by the Heritage Foundation, which also posted the full 40-page text of the letter and its attachments…

Read the whole thing. There’s also video of an interview of the chairman of the DC police union.