Ethanol Plant Sold, Taxpayers Out $65 Million


Here we have the EPA doing everything they can to put coal plants out of business while “green energy” companies are going belly up all on their own, even after bureaucrats and politicians have given them billions in taxpayer subsidies. An ethanol plant in Georgia was just sold with a taxpayer loss of $65 million!

The failed Range Fuels wood-to-ethanol factory in southeastern Georgia that sucked up $65 million in federal and state tax dollars was sold Tuesday for pennies on the dollar to another bio-fuel maker with equally grand plans to transform the alternative energy world. …

Range cost U.S. taxpayers $64 million and Georgia taxpayers another $6.2 million. Tuesday’s sale netted $5.1 million which will help offset losses suffered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Georgia’s money, which paid for some of the ethanol-making equipment, won’t be recouped outright, but state officials expect LanzaTech to use the machinery.

Sam Shelton, director of research programs at Georgia Tech’s Strategic Energy Institute, was long skeptical of Range Fuels’ plans and technology.

“It was too damn big a risk for an apparently unproven technology and the due diligence I personally performed on Range would not entice me to invest in it,” Shelton said Wednesday. Shelton was invited by Range a few years back to check out its operation in Colorado where it was based.

“Government should not be in the venture capital business selecting technologies,” he added. (Read More)

Shelton’s right, the government shouldn’t be in the venture capital business – it’s not their money to invest.