Democrat Operative Stole Iowa Secretary of State’s Identity


While people have been focused on the Republican primary process, the Democrats have been up to their usual dirty tricks. In the case of the stolen identity of Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz, it’s worse than a dirty trick. You’ve probably heard of the Democrat Swing State Project, financed in part by George Soros. They’re goal is to elect Democrats to Secretary of State positions in swing states to swing close elections. Matt Schultz upset their plan in Iowa, so he needed to be taken down, apparently by any means necessary.

The Des Moines Register reported:

A Des Moines man has been arrested after police say he used, or tried to use, the identity of Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz in a scheme to falsely implicate Schultz in perceived unethical behavior in office.

Zachary Edwards was arrested Friday and charged with identity theft.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety issued a news release saying Schultz’s office discovered the scheme on June 24, 2011 and notified authorities.

According to John  Hinderaker, Edwards has friends in high places.

Edwards is a former Obama staffer who directed “new media operations” for Obama in five states during the 2008 primaries. Thereafter, he was Obama’s Director of New Media for the State of Iowa. In the Democratic Party’s lexicon, “new media” apparently includes identity theft.

Edwards now works for LINK Strategies, a Democratic consulting firm with extraordinarily close ties to Iowa Democrat Tom Harkin. Its principal, Jeff Link, has served as Harkin’s campaign manager and chief of staff. Link, too, is a former Obama staffer. The LINK Strategies web site says that Jeff Link “served as a media consultant to the Obama for President Campaign, coordinating branding, all paid media and polling in 25 states, including seven battleground states (VA, NC, FL, CO, NM, NV, MT)….”

That Edwards allegedly tried to steal the Secretary of State’s identity in order to frame Schultz for “unethical behavior in office” is no coincidence. Iowa Democrats, as Kevin Hall of the Iowa Republican points out, have mounted a campaign of false accusations against Schultz

Be sure to read the whole thing. Something really stinks here.