DC Rat Law ‘Crazier then Fiction’ – Requires Rats to Be Relocated with Families


Just when you thought you’d heard it all, you hear something like this. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is expressing concern over a new law in Washington DC that requires the city to relocate not just rats, but entire rat families. It sounds like an immigration law. Cuccinelli is right to be concerned, especially after the rats have moved into Occupy DC, as those “families” could be relocated into Virginia. No wonder he calls the law “crazier than fiction.” You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

Cuccinelli said D.C.’s new rat law–the Wildlife Protection Act of 2010 (Wildlife Protection Act of 2010.pdf) –is “crazier than fiction” because it requires that rats and other vermin not be killed but captured, preferably in families; no glue or snap traps can be utilized; the rodents must be relocated from where they are captured; and some of these animals may need to be transferred to a “wildlife rehabilitator” as part of their relocation process.

The law does not allow pest control professionals “to kill the dang rats,” Cuccinelli told CNSNews.com. “They have to capture them–then capture them in families. [Not sure] how you’re going to figure that out with rats. And then you have to relocate them. That brings us to Virginia. Now, if you don’t relocate them about 25 miles away, according to experts, rodents will find their way back. Well, an easy way to solve that problem is to cross a river, and what’s on the other side of the river? Virginia.”

“So we have real concerns about this ridiculous–ridiculous!–law and we’ve been pretty genial about dealing with D.C. on it,” said Cuccinelli. “But when you see an article like the ‘Rats Occupy Occupy DC,’ it points up the problem that we’re going to have in Virginia because of that–and because D.C’s really outrageous–outrageous!–treatment of these varmints who, for those who don’t remember their history, carried things like bubonic plague. I mean, these are true vermin.”

Read the whole thing, this inane law isn’t exclusive to rats, but to all sorts of vermin. I’m skeeved just thinking about it. Ick.

H/T Weasel Zippers