Albany Occupods Threaten and Harrass Officer and His Family


Last week an Albany police officer used pepper spray to defend himself and his horse from on unruly mob of Occupods. Now the Occupy scum have resorted to threatening and harassing the officer and his family.

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Police are taking steps to protect an Albany police officer whose family has received threats after he was publicly identified for using pepper spray to quell Occupy Albany protesters last week.

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A “wanted” poster seeking information including the home address, telephone numbers and “map to home” of Officer Richard Gorleski was posted Wednesday on a Facebook page used by Occupy Albany.

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Gorleski’s address and telephone numbers are not publicly listed. But Gorleski’s father, a Troy resident who has the same first name as his son, began receiving unsettling telephone calls from blocked numbers this week. Troy police said they have taken measures to keep watch on the residence.

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“We have, in fact, been in contact with Officer Gorleski about his concerns, and they will be our utmost priority,” said Troy police Capt. John Cooney. “We are aware of Rich’s concerns, and we’re going to take it very seriously and maintain a safe environment for his family, as we would for any person in that position.”

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This isn’t the first Time Occupy Albany has been in the news.

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Looks like the dredges of the earth, er, I mean, Occupy Albany is back at it again.  Last week we saw them offering up their children as human shields to defend against pepper spray.

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Then, they were seen causing nearly$30,000 in damage to a holiday lights display in the park.

Nice. But all we hear is how the Tea Party is dangerous and the occupy movement is charming.

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