Why is the Obama Campaign Building a List of Republican Emails?


White House Dossier points out a new effort by the Obama campaign to build a list of Republican email addresses. On the face of it, it appears that the purpose of this effort is to openly mock Republican voters, and drive a wedge between friends.

The Obama presidential campaign is launching an effort to collect Republican email addresses by inviting its supporters to submit information about their Republican associates to the Obama 2012 website.

The effort could help the Obama campaign build a database that would enable it to target Republican voters during the general election campaign. But, more perniciously, it could also become part of an Democratic effort to influence Republican primary voters to select a candidate Democrats think Obama could most easily defeat.

The Democratic National Committee last month released a video that seemed designed to damage Mitt Romney, the GOP candidate feared most by the Obama campaign.

The Obama information collection effort is cast under the mischievous guise of asking Obama supporters to “have a little fun at the expense of a Republican in your life” by signing them up to get an email from the Obama campaign ribbing them for having “inspired” the Obama supporter to donate.

The result, however, is that the Obama campaign gets a new trove of Republican email addresses that it could never have collected through voluntary submissions.

Read the whole thing, included is the text of the odd email.

This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, maybe it does to you.

The president is supposed to represent every American, regardless of party. How does mocking some of the folks you’re supposed to represent make sense? Isn’t it insulting to insinuate that one would betray the trust of friends for political purposes? Could this be a guise to obtain the email addresses so they can distribute propaganda to more people? Are they really planning to mock Republicans via email?

I have a lot more questions than answers on this one, other than that this is sleazy, vile and in extremely poor taste. I guess there’s nothing new there.