White House Defends Biden’s ‘Taliban is not the Enemy’ Comment


In an interview with Newsweek, Vice President Joe Biden said that the Taliban isn’t our enemy. Really, he did.

“Look, the Taliban per se is not our enemy. That’s critical. There is not a single statement that the president has ever made in any of our policy assertions that the Taliban is our enemy because it threatens U.S. interests. If, in fact, the Taliban is able to collapse the existing government, which is cooperating with us in keeping the bad guys from being able to do damage to us, then that becomes a problem for us.”

Now the White House is defending him.

The White House on Monday defended Vice President Joe Biden for saying that the Taliban isn’t an enemy of the United States despite the years spent fighting the militant Islamic group that gave a home to Al Qaeda and its leader Usama bin Laden while he plotted the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

“It’s only regrettable when taken out of context,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said of the vice president’s remarks in an interview published Monday.

How was he taken out of context? I think what’s been taken out of context is the administration’s view of the Taliban. They certainly aren’t our friends, as Heritage noted.

On a Saturday in late October in Kabul, Afghanistan, a car carrying explosives rammed into an armored U.S. military bus, killing 13 Americans, including five soldiers and eight civilian staff. In August, a Chinook helicopterwas shot down in Afghanistan, killing 30 Americans. Who was responsible? The Taliban.

You know who else thinks the Taliban is our enemy? The troops who fought them in Afghanistan, that’s who.