The Economy is So Bad, Millions Will Go to Debtors Prison Without Their #40dollars


The economy is so bad, millions of Americans will go to debtors prison, starve or freeze if they don’t get their 40 dollar tax cut. He just trotted some of them out for a press conference. (He refused an invitation to go to the Hill to discuss extending the cut for a year.)

One day after the White House asked “working” people to “tell us what your family will give up if your (payroll) taxes increase,” the stories are rolling in, including one from a person who worried about not having enough to pay the cable bill — or continue family pizza nights.

“Our cable internet bill is $49 per month. If we lose this payroll tax cut then we will have to give up either (our) internet access or possibly our ‘Friday Family Pizza’ night. Either way, we will lose something that brings us together as a family,” wrote “K.Z” from Frederick, Maryland.

Another person wrote that $40 will “buy lunch from the cafeteria for almost a whole month for my twins.”

Someone else who “can barely get by now” said taking $40 out of his paycheck “would just about put me under.”

A person from New Mexico said “$40 less a paycheck means I will have to pick between my insulin and the water bill. It means never being able to see my doctor — even though I have insurance.” (Read More)

If they think things are bad now, just wait until Social Security goes under and they retire with nothing.

Just as a reminder, this is Obama’s record on the economy.

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