Random Ramblings – Christmas Edition


The Cat that Likes Garbonzo Beans

Who knew cats like garbonzo beans? I didn’t. I also didn’t know kids liked them until my seven year old took a hankering for chick peas. Go figure! Tonight he left a container of them on the kitchen counter. When the cat thought nobody was looking, the little striped feline jumped up and started munching away. It was kind of cute, I suppose, but I wasn’t amused since I had to clean the counter again. Who knows where his paws have been? Actually, I do know where they’ve been, which is why the counter got another cleaning.

That happened while I was wrapping Christmas gifts. I still have quite a few left, but  I can’t complete the task until the children go to bed. We always let them stay up late on Friday nights, so I just have to wait, IYKWIMAITYD! Anyway, I have a few minutes to ramble.

Ron Paul made the news today. The media that never found anything in President Obama’s past worth mentioning has dug up some of his old newsletters. They may be works of literary fundraising genius, but they probably won’t play well with the electorate.

It looks like the Democrats are much better at election fraud than the Republicans. Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum will not be on the Republican primary ballot in Virginia. Don’t they know that dead people are fair game when amassing signatures? Or they can just forge the signatures of living people. Either way. Oh wait, sorry, I forgot that only Democrats are allowed to break the law.

Air Jordan sneakers brought out the Christmas spirit in lots of folks. Oh wait, I got that wrong, too. For some reason people were beating the crap out of each other for the opportunity to purchase ugly sneakers for almost $200 a pair. This coming right after Obama’s #40dollar campaign. Go figure.

Anyhoo, I have two boys to put to bed, and then a whole bunch of presents to wrap. I know, I should just put myself first, but I don’t have a staff, so I do what I gotta do.

Oh, there is one more thing I wanted to share. Something to think about if you’re looking for the “perfect Christmas” full of material things and flawless people.

Why look forward to these invariable irritants? Because they show us what’s in our hearts. Christmas, in a weird way, allows us to see our own sin more dramatically: We are selfish, we are resentful, we give presents sometimes to show people how clever we are instead of trying to find something they’d really need, and we feel sorry for ourselves. And in that misery, in that turmoil, in that moment when we consider telling our spouses exactly where to stuff that new toaster oven, it dawns on us.

We need a savior.

Thankfully, somewhere this season, we’ll see a manger scene . . . in the front yard of that weirdly evangelistic church off the interstate, on a commercial advertising insurance, or on the cheap wrapping paper our in-laws use.

But we see Him. He is a baby. In a manger. The son of God, who came to save the world from our sins. Immanuel. (Read More)

Merry Christmas!

PS – A big “thank you” to the dedicated reader who hit my tip jar today! You made my day! It’s something that doesn’t happen very often, so when it does I’m elated.

PPS – Mr. LC just said the nicest thing I’ve heard all year – “I don’t know how you do it all.”

Update: Linked by Zilla – say a little prayer that she and the rest of her family start feeling better soon. There’s nothing worse than being sick for Christmas.