Porkulus Now Part of Baseline Budget – Update – Government Shut Down Averted


Hey, remember when Obama, Pelosi and Reid sold Porkulus as a “one-time” stimulus bill? Well, it turns out it’s built into the baseline budget. No wonder the Democrats don’t want to pass a budget. Via Smitty at The Other McCain, Doug Ross pointed it out.

It has now been nearly 1,000 days since the Democrats last passed a federal budget. This unprecedented act of fiscal irresponsibility — one that no other Congress in generations has committed — allows the most profligate administration in American history to continue racking up more than a trillion dollars in deficit spending each year.

What Democrats and big-government Republicans aren’t telling you is this: the Obama-Pelosi-Reid “one-time Stimulus package” was built into the baseline, which means each year that the Obamacrats can avoid writing a budget is another year that this cash furnace can continue burning your children’s money. (Read More)

And there’s this “horrifying” chart.

Which of the candidates on the stage at tonight’s GOP primary debate have the spine to cut this behemoth and put an end to baseline budgeting?

Update: A government shutdown has been averted by Congress’s “Get out of town budget debacle.” I’m starting to feel ill.

The House mega-omni—the massive nine-bill appropriations package now moving toward a vote in the House—represents another disappointing failure to cut spending and prove Congress can instill some measure of fiscal discipline. Equally troubling: The procedure for considering the legislation allows everyone to vote for something he likes, while taxpayers pick up the tab.

The main omnibus measure, formally the Final Consolidated Appropriations Bill (H.R. 3671), spends a total of $914.8 billion in annualized budget authority (BA) for fiscal year 2012, which started on October 1. (Agencies covered by the nine bills have been funded by continuing resolutions until now.) When the legislation is added to the three spending bills already enacted, total discretionary BA for the year comes to $1,042.9 billion. That is effectively equal to the bloated $1.043 trillion cap in the ironically named Budget Control Act (BCA)—the product of the summer’s debt ceiling debate—and is $31.6 billion above the House-passed budget resolution. …

It gets worse from there.

Update: Scared Monkey and The Other McCain linked – thanks!