Obama’s New Tax on the Poor


President Obama claims to be a champion on the poor and middle class, yet his policies tell a different story. The latest is the decision by the Obama administration to legalize online gambling. It will be like a tax on the poor.

Most of all, bringing Internet gambling to America would hurt the poor, who are most affected when people lose money in government-approved games of chance such as state lotteries or casinos – not to mention the way it would reinforce a belief that one’s future depends on “luck” instead of individual merit.

In effect, President Obama and his appointed Justice officials have bowed to political pressure from states that seek a new source of revenue in Internet gambling rather than taking the difficult decisions to raise taxes or cut spending.

The timing of the memo’s release is telling about its politics. It was dated last September but was quietly made public just before the long Christmas weekend, perhaps to prevent political waves. And it came a day after Nevada officials approved in-state online gaming. (Read More)

I personally don’t care if people want to gamble, that’s their business. But like the cigarette tax, this is nothing more than a revenue grab by a president who refuses to rein in spending.