Obama “We Didn’t Know How Bad it Was” – Obama has a Short Memory


The Joke's on You, America (AP)

President Obama said yesterday that when he took office that they just didn’t know how bad the economy was, and therefore, didn’t prepare the people properly for the hard economic times ahead.

“I think we understood that it was bad, but we didn’t know how bad it was,” Obama said in an interview with KIRO in Seattle. “I think I could have prepared the American people for how bad this was going to be, had we had a sense of that.”

I guess we were all unprepared for our own personal recessions, but I digress.

It appears that the president has a very short memory. He hadn’t even taken office when he was warning of disastrous consequences if a stimulus package wasn’t passed. [Emphasis mine]

With that, Mr. Obama began the first nationally televised appearance of his new role. Since Election Day, he had been seen only in faraway shots as he dashed from the gym or walked to a meeting. But when he arrived at a hotel ballroom here, flanked by a team of economic advisers, Americans caught their first glimpse of the 44th president at work.

“I do not underestimate the enormity of the task that lies ahead,” Mr. Obama said, his voice slow and controlled. “Some of the choices that we make are going to be difficult. And I have said before and I will repeat again: It is not going to be quick and it is not going to be easy for us to dig ourselves out of the hole that we are in.”

Mr. Obama called on Congress and the Bush administration to pass an economic stimulus package. If an agreement cannot be reached this month in the lame-duck Congressional session, he said, it will be his chief goal when he takes office on Jan. 20.

He said it was an “urgent priority” to extend unemployment insurance benefits for workers who could not find jobs in the bleak economy. He also said he would give aid to states, create new jobs and move forward with his tax-cut plans for middle-class families.

He got everything he wanted and the economy got worse. Now he wants to do more of the same. If he gets his way, what do you think will happen?

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