New York Union Bosses Living Large on Puerto Rican Vacation


What do labor union bosses and government bureaucrats have in common? They both go on expensive “junkets” to tropical places on someone else’s dime. This time it’s union bosses representing New York municipal workers soaking up the sun and buying $9 beers in Puerto Rico. Must be nice.

According to The New York Post, some of the workers aren’t exactly thrilled that their union dues are funding this little vacation.

As union bosses continued livin’ it up in the Puerto Rican sun yesterday, municipal workers getting soaked by New York’s cold rain were livid that their hard-earned money was funding the leaders’ Caribbean “convention.”

“There goes our union dues!” fumed a furious Local 3 electrician. “They paid for that junket with union dues.”

“I’ve worked for 10 months in the last two years. I’m getting laid off at the end of the year,” the electrician railed. “I have no use for the union. All I see is waste, corruption and hypocrisy.”

At an Upper West Side firehouse, a member of New York’s Bravest, who was working in the rain, said in amazement, “We’re all based here in New York anyway, so why would they spend all that money on going someplace else? They could have just had it here.” (Read More)

Related: Matt Patterson’s piece in The Washington Times – Labor Unions and Communism. (Just like in communism, the higher ups get all the rewards while the little people suffer.)

Vladimir Lenin agreed and made unions an integral part of the “people’s republic” he founded in 1917. “Shakedown Socialism” author Oleg Atbashian, a propagandist for the Soviet Union before he migrated the United States in 1994, writes that in the Soviet Union, “organized labor was part of the official establishment and union membership was universal and mandatory” and “that system’s seemingly magnanimous goals – fairness, economic equality and social justice – in real life brought forth a rigged game of wholesale corruption, forced inequality and grotesque injustice.”

Hmm, sounds a lot like what unions have inflicted upon the United States: wholesale corruption as many union chapters have historically acted as fronts for organized crime; forced inequality as unionized public employees out-earn their counterparts in the private sector; grotesque injustice as greedy unions strong-armed lavish salaries and benefits for themselves that bust the budgets of entire states, forcing non-union folks to suffer higher taxes and fewer services.

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