Michelle Obama Flying to Hawaii Separately, Tab Will Exceed $100,000


First Lady Michelle Obama will be flying to Hawaii with her daughters ahead of the president. According to White House Dossier, the separate trip will cost the taxpayers in excess of $100,000. Heaven forbid her 17 day vacation is cut short by a day or so.

The flight alone is priced at more than $60,000, according to government estimates. But that’s only the beginning. The additional cargo flight that often accompanies the first lady on such a trip must also be paid for, as well as the limos and other accoutrements it will contain.

As she will be separated from the presidential security bubble, Michelle will require her own entourage of Secret Service protection, in addition to the staffers who will be leaving early to go to Hawaii with her.

The total tab will certainly be in excess of $100,000, and possibly quite a bit more. (Read More)

Now that’s the holiday spirit!

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